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Other Media - SalmonBusiness : Seafood Expo North America/Seafood Processing North America post coronavirus Boston update

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Organisers Diversified Communications along with the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) post additional measures that are being implemented in light of fast-growing virus.

Will it or won’t it be cancelled? That’s the word on the lips of many fish buyer as the organisers of one of the world’s largest seafood shows mull over to what to do in the face of the coronavirus outbreak.

Thousands of exhibitors are due to travel to Boston, Massachusetts, with countless products to be showcased to buyers, suppliers, media and other seafood-industry professionals.

However, the state is holding more than 200 people in Massachusetts who recently returned from China are under quarantine, preparing for a potential outbreak, Public Health Commissioner Monica Bharel told the Boston Herald on Wednesday.

In a post on the official site, Diversified Communications posted that “providing a safe environment where our exhibitors and buyers can meet and conduct business is of the utmost importance to us” and gave “common-sense hygiene precautions”

Author: Owen Evans/SalmonBusiness | Read full article here

IN BRIEF - COVID-19: Standby container ship to record 3 million TEU. Double 2009 crisis

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

The size of container ship moorings (waiting vessels) is expected to exceed 3 million TEUs* in April.French maritime research firm Alphaliner recently revealed. This is double the 1.52 million TEU recorded during the 2009 global financial crisis following the Lehman shock.

Demand has declined worldwide due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Container ship companies have been successively implementing large-scale trip reductions mainly on main routes, and the size of waiting vessels was 246 in early March, the largest ever ever.

A 20-foot-long (6.1 m) ISO container equals 1 TEU 

*The twenty-foot equivalent unit (often TEU or teu) is an inexact unit of cargo capacity often used to describe the capacity of container ships and container terminals


Other Media | FiskerForum: Activity Picks up at Normandy auctions

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

After a tough time as the restaurant trade disappeared and demand fell, auctions in Normandy are seeing activity returning as the fleet makes its way back to sea.

Earlier this week the auctions in Normandy saw 115 tonnes of fish and shellfish sold – roughly 65% of the volume sold in the previous week.

Granville has been the busiest port, with most of the whelk boats back at sea, followed by those targeting shellfish and whitefish. In Cherbourg activity at the Monday, Wednesday and Friday auctions is mainly around the inshore fleet, while the larger boats are expected to be back at sea shortly.

Port-en-Bessin’s larger trawlers, l’Europe, l’Alliance and Vauban, are no longer the only ones at sea as the coastal boats are returning to activity and in Fécamp Monday’s auction saw 16 tonnes of shellfish, whelk and whitefish.

Dieppe had already been getting busier, and 62 tonnes of shellfish, whelks and inshore fish went through Monday’s auction, making it the most dynamic of the Normandy auctions so far this week.

Author: Quentin Bates / FiskerForum | Read the full article here

IN BRIEF - Harengus sails through the Strait of Magellan with pelagic fish (video)

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Harengus, a cargo ship owned by Samherji, is currently loading in San Vicente in Chile 4,000 tonnes of pelagic fish which will be sold in Nigeria. The vessel, which is now chartered by the company GreenSea in Belgium, sailed through the Strait of Magellan on the way west for South America and the trip was documented on video.

It seemed appropriate to document the trip as this year marks the 500th anniversary of the discoveries of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. It was in October 1520 that Magellan discovered the Atlantic-Pacific passage, later named the Strait of Magellan. With this trip, Magellan led the first voyage around the globe but was unable to complete it because he passed away before it ended.

The loading of the cargo in San Vicente has been successful and in a few days Harengus will sail back through the Strait of Magellan. The voyage from San Vicente to Nigeria is close to 6,400 miles and the journey back will take about three weeks.

IN BRIEF - Shenzhen Pengcheng Marine Products Further Commits to BAP

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

The Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) and Shenzhen Pengcheng Marine Products Co. Ltd. have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) whereby the Chinese company has furthered its commitment to the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) third-party certification program, GAA announced in early April.

Pengcheng is already sourcing shrimp from Vietnam and salmon and mussels from Chile that originate from BAP-certified processing plants, farms, hatcheries and feed mills. With the MoU, Pengcheng has pledged to source more seafood from BAP-certified facilities, expanding the availability of BAP product in the Chinese market.

Pengcheng, which distributes seafood to more than 300 high-end hotels in 70-plus Chinese cities, is committed to providing healthy, safe seafood to Chinese consumers. Food safety is one of the four pillars of BAP, the world’s largest and most comprehensive aquaculture certification program. All facilities are audited annually against a stringent set of food-safety and sanitation guidelines to attain BAP certification. The other three pillars of the BAP program are environmental responsibility, social accountability, and animal health and welfare.

Other Media | aqua.cl: Stay at Home: Oceana launches new documentary on all its digital platforms

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

“Mar de Juan Fernández: stories and legends of the archipelago” is now available to be seen worldwide. The environmental organization published the material subtitled in English and Portuguese, in order to reach more people with the incredible stories of this remote place in the Pacific Ocean.

In order to bring the oceans to homes, the marine conservation organization Oceana began publishing the documentary website “Mar de Juan Fernández: stories and legends of the archipelago” on its digital platforms, a series of nine chapters narrated by actor Mario Horton, which shows the islands unique marine biodiversity, the ancestral commitment of its inhabitants to the conservation and sustainable management of its resources such as lobster.

From Oceana they explained that when the crisis due to the covid-19 (coronavirus) began, all the audiovisual content began to be reviewed, in order to bring the sea closer through social networks and accompany people in this quarantine.

Source: aqua.cl | Read the article here

Other Media | Industrias Pesqueras: Angola before COVID-19: delay closures and prolong campaigns to prevent entry into port

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Shipowners will have to pay extra licenses

Instead of mooring its fleet, Angola has opted to continue and extend the extractive activity of the demersal fleet. The deadline for closing the fishery has also been extended to June, as reported by the Government. The objective of the measure is to prevent tall ships from returning to land for 15 days, due to the expansion of COVID19.

The contingency plan launched by the Government in fisheries matters also establishes the payment of an exceptional quota to continue fishing. The decision seeks "to safeguard personnel from coronavirus infections on the land, but also to guarantee sufficient fish stocks to meet demand if necessary," the government says. Another measure of the contingency plan is that the artisanal fleet's discharge points have been limited.

Source: Fishing Industries | Read the article here

Other Media | Bangor Daily News: Prices in Maine’s lucrative baby eel fishery sink to 10-year low

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

ELLSWORTH, Maine — A week after Maine’s annual commercial baby eel fishing season got under way, prices for the lucrative catch are the lowest they have been in the past 10 years.

According to information posted on the Maine Department of Marine Resources website, the average price paid to baby eel fishermen in Maine this past week is $512 per pound, which is roughly $360 lower than the lowest average annual price fishermen have received in the past decade.

From 2011 through 2019, baby eels in Maine fetched an average of $1,670 per pound, varying between an average of $875 in 2014 and an average of $2,366 in 2018.

Author: Bill Trotter/BDN | Read full article here

Other Media | iPac.acuicultura: Stolt Sea Farm advances in digitization with the launch of the website www.kingturbot.com

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Stolt Sea Farm (SSF), which continues to operate in this complex context as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, to keep markets supplied and making available to consumers "a healthy, balanced and complete food such as turbot", has announced that It is still advanced in digitization. It has done so with the launch of the website www.kingturbot.com.

King Turbot is the trademark under which Stolt Sea Farm sells its turbot outside of its traditional markets, where it continues to operate under the well-known Prodemar brand.

The new website has "very current and visually appealing content, perfectly adaptable to all devices." In addition, SSF adds, easy video recipes "that greatly enrich a great user experience", allowing the turbot to be taken "to more homes in the world, especially at this time".

The company continues to bet on innovation. This year it will open its new RAS plant in Cervo (Lugo), the world's leading farm for sole farming.

Although the arrival of the Covid-19 has been a setback for the entire sector, Stolt Sea Farm, concludes by pointing out that in this scenario "it continues to give its best to the service of its customers".

Source: iPac.acucultura | Read the article here

Other Media | Nunatsiaq News: Winter turbot fisheries on Baffin Island see changes due to COVID-19

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Pangnirtung season delayed, other small test fisheries to go on

Pangnirtung season delayed, other small test fisheries to go on Winter turbot fisheries will be shifting operations in Baffin Island communities due to COVID-19 pandemic precautions.

Last week, Pangnirtung Fisheries announced its winter fishery would be suspended until April 13.

That includes fishing and work at the Pangnirtung fish plant. But both activities may resume after that, provided they’re given a pass to do so from both the federal and territorial health departments, according to a letter sent by Pangnirtung Fisheries.

During the shutdown, the fishery will continue to pay the wages of staff at the fish plant.

In Pond Inlet, a small test fishery will go ahead, following strict protocols to reduce any interaction between people, said Chris Flanagan, CEO of Baffin Fisheries.

Author: Elaine Anselmi/Nunatsiaq News | Read full story here

Other Media | SeafoodSource: Algae detected at Invermar center, putting nearly a million salmon at risk

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Chile’s National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (Sernapesca) has activated contingency plans after salmon-farming firm Invermar reported mass mortality at one of its farms.

The microalgae cochlodinium was detected at Invermar’s Tepun production center in Quellón, which was holding a total population of 937,257 coho salmon weighing approximately 780 grams each, according to a release from Sernapesca. The exact number of deaths at the facility has yet to be confirmed.

Upon learning of the mortalities, Sernapesca officials immediately visited the farming center to confirm that the dead fish were “being withdrawn with the logistics available," according to the release. Officials have submitted a report to the national inter-institutional committee on environmental contingencies. To date, no other cultivation centers have been detected with abnormal mortality rates due to algae or other causes, according to Sernapesca In the meantime, the agency has reinforced its surveillance strategy to monitor mortality reports by companies in the area.

Author: Christian Molinari / SeafoodSource | Read the full article here

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