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More flexibility in export of bluefin tuna

NORWAY | Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Norway can export bluefin tuna that is fished beyond the vessel quota In fisheries negoti...


Norway set a new seafood exports record
Norway | 07:00 | On Friday 26 November, fish exports from Norway exceeded 107.2 billion, more than the tota... Full Story
WTO General Council decides to postpone the 12th Ministerial Conferenc
Switzerland | 00:50 | The General Council agreed late Friday (26 November) to postpone the imminent Ministerial ... Full Story
Auction prices for common squid (todarodes pacificus) frozen on board
Japan | 00:40 | Source: FIS by SeafoodMediaGroup  | Click to enlarge it   ... Full Story
Kingfish Announces Key Progress Milestones on Permitted U.S. Precision-Aquafarm Site
The Kingfish Company, a pioneer and leader in sustainable land-based aquaculture, has announced that it has concluded the purchase of land for its new facility in Jonesport, Maine.
Hai Trieu Food Earns Certification for Sustainable Wild-Caught Yellowfin Tuna
Friend of the Sea has certified Hai Trieu Food, one of Vietnam’s top seafood producers exporting yellowfin tuna worldwide, for its sustainable fishing practices.
Pacifical Targets GSA Certification to Guard Fair Conditions for Seiner Crews
Pacifical and GSA announce their partnership to implement the Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard (RFVS) on all Pacifical fishing operations.
A Delicious, Surprising, Unbeatable Seafood Range
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Japan's Atlantic bluefin tuna quota for 2022 increases by 257 tons
Japan Japan's quota for Atlantic bluefin tuna for 2022 will be increased by 257 tons from a year earlier to a total of 3,483 tons, as per the decision of an intergovernmental fishery organization, the count...
Two high-tech research vessels of the Federal Agency for Fishery were laid down at the shipyard of the Nevsky Shipyard
Russia Fed. On November 26, at the Nevsky Shipyard in the city of Shlisselburg, the laying of two research vessels (NIS) of project 17050 took place. The Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmit...
Inmarsat offers future-proof remote control connectivity for latest sea-kit uncrewed surface vessel trials
United Kingdom Seamless switching between land-based, coastal and satellite networks opens way for uncrewed vessels to find best available network automatically Inmarsat, the world leader in global, mobile satell...
Sharing facts about Alaska’s fisheries
United States The following is an excerpt from an article published by Anchorage Daily News: A persistent trickle of misinformation about our region’s fisheries has recently become a flood. ADN carried the m...