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Tuna fishing season begins in the Pacific Ocean

MEXICO | Friday, January 18, 2019
On Sunday, January 20, the tuna fishing season with purse seiners will begin in the Pacifi...


Lobster processor to close its plant in Connecticut
United States | 02:50 | Garbo Lobster, a company that has been operating for more than three decades in southeastern Connecticut and which supplies lobsters around the world, will close its Groton headquarters. Full Story
Creation of state fisheries and aquaculture councils promoted
Mexico | 02:30 | Through CONAPESCA, the Mexican government will promote the creation of state councils for fisheries and aquaculture, as part of its strategy to focus its actions on the places where the problems are affecting the fishing and aquaculture sectors. Full Story
Threats to access small resources concern the sector
Australia | 02:30 | Seafood Industry Australia has announced a national crisis meeting in Western Australia in February, to discuss the ongoing threats to resource access and property rights occurring across the nation. Full Story
SeaChange IGNITE Announces First Product Offering from Newly Form Collaboration
Thai Union's Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods and Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch announce Sri Lankan Blue Swimming Crab rating upgrade through their SeaChange® IGNITE collaboration.
Sixty South Announces 100% ASC Certified Pure Antarctic Salmon
Sixty South has become synonymous with its high sustainability standards to produce pure salmon from Antarctic waters, recognized by industry, retailers and as well as the Seafood Watch program as a 'Good Alternative'
Mazzetta Launches Oishii Live Frozen Shrimp Brand
The Mazzetta Company has announced the launch of a new line of premium shrimp that is transported live for processing, process that improves its flavor and helps to retain its colour and texture.
Kemin AquaScience Introduces Leadership Team
Kemin Industries, a global nutritional ingredient company, has announced the selection of its leadership team for its newest business unit, Kemin AquaScience, formerly known as AquaKulture.
Galician fleet prepares to start squid fishing in Falklands
Spain The Galician fleet that works in Falkland waters is already preparing to leave for the South Atlantic fishing ground, before the next opening of Loligo squid fishery.
Shrimp fishing and sale prohibited for two months
Mozambique Mozambique fishing authorities announced that the fishing and sale of shrimp caught in the waters of the country will be prohibited for two months, in order to allow the recovery of stocks and preserve the resource.
Proposal to regulate tuna and bonito fishing
Panama A draft bill that has been submitted for the consideration of the National Assembly seeks to protect tuna and bonito resources by regulating the use of purse seines.
Staff shortage drives local company to process crabs in Vietnam
United Kingdom Blue Sea Food Company, based in Paington, England, will send crabs caught in UK to Asia, since it does not enough staff in the country.