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Wilsgård Fiskeoppdrett AS orders two feed barges from AKVA group

NORWAY | Friday, January 24, 2020
Wilsgård Fiskeoppdrett AS has placed an order for their third and fourth AC 450 Comf...


Jack mackerel leading fisheries landings in Biobío
Chile | 08:00 | The capture, landing, transformation and commercialization of fisheries resources constitu... Full Story
WWF formally objetcs MSC certification of bluefin tuna fishery
Italy | 07:30 | Rome, Italy- WWF has formally objected to the first Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certi... Full Story
Foreign vessels continue to refuse payment of fines for illegal fishin
Ghana | 07:20 | Last year, the vessel Lu Rong Yuan Yu 956 was caught in Ghanaian waters with illegal nets ... Full Story
Valka to Deliver the World’s Most Efficient Processing System for Whole Salmon
SalMar has made an agreement with the Icelandic high-tech company Valka to build and install state of the art salmon grading and packing systems for SalMar's InnovaNor processing plant.
New Zealand Salmon – Still the Best Choice
New Zealand marine and freshwater farmed salmon have achieved a second successive, ‘Best Choice’ rating under the latest recommendations published by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch programme.
Seafoodia Proposes a New Logistics Solution in 2020
Seafoodia is now ready to provide a vertically integrated logistics solution for its oils, from the sourcing of raw materials to arrival at destination.
ForSea Becomes the First Shipping Company in the World to Serve only MSC and ASC Labelled Fish and Seafood
For over a year ForSea has been operating the world’s first battery-powered vessels to serve a high-intensity ferry route and now the company has achieved its next target: all seafood served on board is MSC- and ASC-labelled.
High-stakes herring fishery gamble
Canada Fisheries and Oceans Canada is gambling with a public resource when it comes to herring fishery management. Herring populations are so important yet so variable that managing them in a conventional wa...
Fears grow of structural issues in new Tokyo´s central fish market
Japan It was 15 months ago that Tokyo's aging central fish market at Tsukiji, Chuo Ward, closed its doors for good. As was the case with the transfer of Tokyo's international airport from Haneda to Narita i...
Tuna fishing season in the Pacific Ocean began
Mexico The National Aquaculture and Fisheries Commission (CONAPESCA) announced that on Monday, January 20, the tuna fishing season began with purse-seine vessels in the Pacific Ocean.   The decentrali...
Congalsa invests EUR 4.8 million in factory 4.0 project
Spain A new industrial technological innovation project will use data analysis, cybersecurity, IoT and video analytics technologies to implement an intelligent factory model Seafood company Congalsa and ...