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Steeped in history: Insights into Japan’s coastal pole-and-line tuna fishery

JAPAN | Saturday, March 23, 2019
Adam Baske reports back from a visit to Kochi where he met local one-by-one tuna champ...


European Council grants UK Brexit extension period
European Union | 01:00 | The European Union has agreed to extend the deadline for the United Kingdom to exit, which was going to be set for next Friday, March 29. Full Story
FAO and Iceland partner focusing on fisheries and 'blue growth'
United Nations | 00:30 | The FAO and the Government of Iceland agreed to work closely together to facilitate the design and implementation of programmes supporting the long-term conservation of living marine ecosystems. Full Story
Chinese farmed tilapia gains further room in Kenyan market
Kenya | 23:30 | Cheap farmed Chinese imports are filling in the gap left by local fishermen, since fish stocks in Lake Victoria have plunged over the past two decades, and prices have risen sharply as a result. Full Story
Cermaq Launches Brand Platform: True Arctic - Slow Raised Salmon
Cermaq's farming in Norway takes place north of the Arctic Circle, where the water is cold and the salmon grows slower, resulting in specific product qualities.
IKEA Canada Introduces New, Sustainable Salmon Balls
Made from ASC-certified salmon with the addition of MSC-certified cod, IKEA salmon balls are both sustainably-sourced and responsibly-produced.
Pacific Seafood Releases Second Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Pacific Seafood has published its second annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report detailing efforts to be socially responsible in all areas of business.
Orkla Health Further Strengthens its Commitment to Sustainability with the Blue MSC Label
All bottles of Möller’s cod liver oil, sold in more than 20 countries, will carry the Marine Stewardhip Council's blue fish label as a credible mark of sustainability and traceability.
AZTI seeks to help trawler fleet adapt to landing obligation
Spain The AZTI technology centre is to study the selectivity in bottom trawl fisheries in order to minimize the catches of unwanted fish.
Initiative launched to strengthen fight against illegal traffic of totoaba
Mexico For the first time, the problems that have led to the marine porpoise being in danger of extinction will be addressed in a comprehensive way, taking into account its root causes and monitoring its distribution and population size.
Oman Fisheries Company to start commercial fishing operations
Oman Oman Fisheries Company is planning the acquisition of an industrial fishing vessel so as to shortly start commercial fishing operations.
EU Council adopts contingency measures in case of no-deal Brexit
European Union The Council of the European Union has adopted a series of legislative acts as part of its contingency preparations for a "no-deal" Brexit scenario.