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Parkside Collaborates with Iceland on World's-First Recyclable Paper Pack for Frozen Food
(8/10/2022) - UNITED KINGDOM
Seafood Bowls from the Freezer to the Microwave to the Table in 5 Minutes
(8/8/2022) - UNITED STATES
Blue Star Foods Achieves Significant RAS Division Milestones
(8/3/2022) - UNITED STATES
Maxim Agri and Victory Farms Announce Joint Partnership Aqua-Feed Mill
(8/1/2022) - KENYA
Innovafeed and Cargill Extend Their Partnership to Bring Healthy Novel Ingredients to Aquafarmers
(7/29/2022) - UNITED STATES
Digitizing Inventory and Production to Strengthen Traceability and Process Control
(7/27/2022) - CANADA
Nueva Pescanova Group Fleet in Namibia Achieves First FISH Standard for Crew Certification
(7/25/2022) - SPAIN
Spanish Tuna Association Achieves Global First for MSC Certification in All Four Oceans
(7/20/2022) - SPAIN
MeaTech 3D Announces Collaboration with Umami Meats
(7/18/2022) - ISRAEL
Christian Chramer is the New CEO of Norwegian Seafood Council
(7/13/2022) - NORWAY
Bristol Bay Sockeye Run Set to Shatter Records
(7/11/2022) - UNITED STATES
Build Authentic Fish Taste With 100% Vegan and Natural Fish Flavor
(7/8/2022) - NETHERLANDS
Differentiating From the Sea of Competition
(7/6/2022) - UNITED STATES
Aquaris Announces AQS Token IDO on Zelwin Finance
(7/4/2022) - ESTONIA
Current Foods Closes $18 Million Seed Round to Transform Its Seafood Alternative Into a Seafood Frontrunner
(6/30/2022) - UNITED STATES
Grieg Seafood Welcomes the Salmon Farming Transition Process in British Columbia
(6/28/2022) - CANADA
Chicken Of The Sea Frozen Foods Releases Its 2022 Seafood Industry Survey And Think Big Campaign
(6/27/2022) - UNITED STATES
Abagold to Receive the Friend of the Sea Award for its Engagement in Sustainable Aquaculture Production
(6/22/2022) - SOUTH AFRICA
Almarai Approves Plans to Enter the Seafood Category
(6/20/2022) - SAUDI ARABIA
Síldarvinnslan has Made an Agreement to Purchase Shares in Arctic Fish Holding
(6/17/2022) - ICELAND

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