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Scout Launches New Seafood Snacks Inspired by Trending International Taste Profiles
(4/12/2023) - CANADA
Scott & Jon’s Announces New Spring Products Launch
(4/10/2023) - UNITED STATES
The ISH™ Company Launches Salmonish™ Burgers, New Plant-Based Seafood Alternative
(4/5/2023) - UNITED STATES
Where Food Comes From, Inc. Announces Investment in BlueTrace Seafood Traceability Company
(4/3/2023) - UNITED STATES
Gümüşdoğa Certified Sustainable for its Seabass and Seabream
(4/1/2023) - TURKEY
SPAROS Launches Innovative Microdiet for Turbot Hatcheries
(3/28/2023) - PORTUGAL
Aquarium of the Pacific and Collaborators Publish New Findings About Seafood and Seaweed Farming
(3/27/2023) - UNITED STATES
The Record-breaking Wärtsilä 31 Engine Gets a Power Boost
(3/22/2023) - FINLAND
Fortune International Announces Agreement to Acquire Boston Sword & Tuna
(3/20/2023) - UNITED STATES
World's Largest Tuna Company Leads Call for Restoration of Endangered Species
(3/17/2023) - UNITED STATES
Burnsed Trucking Completes Capital Raise
(3/15/2023) - UNITED STATES
Best New Retail and Best New Foodservice Products in Seafood Honored at Seafood Expo North America
(3/13/2023) - UNITED STATES
Mowi Returns to Seafood Expo North America After Four Years!
(3/11/2023) - UNITED STATES
Sirane's Packaging Solutions at Seafood Expo North America
(3/9/2023) - UNITED STATES
Sole Source Acquires Lee Fish USA
(3/7/2023) - UNITED STATES
Seafood Farmers and Processors Boost Throughput, Reduce Labor with Messer's Gas Application Technology
(3/2/2023) - UNITED STATES
Iceland Foods Tops MSC's Supermarket Ranking for the Most Sustainable Own Brand Seafood
(2/27/2023) - UNITED KINGDOM
FreshToHome Closes U$104M in Series D Funding with Amazon Smbhav Venture Fund as the Lead Investor
(2/25/2023) - INDIA
Red Lobster® Launches First-Ever Frozen Seafood Product Line
(2/23/2023) - UNITED STATES
Antarctica Advisors Acts in the Sale of Graal Capital Group
(2/21/2023) - UNITED STATES

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