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Salmon Evolution has Successfully Completed the First Smolt Release at Indre Harøy
(3/28/2022) - NORWAY
Wanda Fish Technologies Enters Collaboration with Tufts University
(3/24/2022) - ISRAEL
Aquaris Brings Blockchain to the Aquatic Industries
(3/22/2022) - ESTONIA
Iris Energy Enters Global Strategic Collaboration Agreement With Clewer Aquaculture
(3/20/2022) - FINLAND
Aquaculture, Supports National Seafood Marketing Effort
(3/17/2022) - GREECE
Finless Foods Raises USD34M to Launch Plant-Based Tuna and Complete Construction of Cell-Cultured Bluefin Tuna Pilot Plant
(3/15/2022) - UNITED STATES
Safe Catch Partners with the Marine Stewardship Council for World Class Sustainability
(3/13/2022) - UNITED STATES
Umami Meats Secures US$2.4 Million Pre-seed Funding to Advance Cultivated Seafood
(3/10/2022) - SINGAPORE
Del Pacifico Seafoods Launches Three New Products at Seafood Expo North America
(3/8/2022) - MEXICO
Changing Tastes Launches New Messaging Platform
(3/5/2022) - UNITED STATES
Maine Aquaculture Association Releases Innovative Seafood Distribution Guide
(3/2/2022) - UNITED STATES
Forever Oceans Yellowtail: The Finfish of the Future.
(2/28/2022) - UNITED STATES
Wildtype Sets Course to Bring Cultivated Seafood to Market with USD100 Million Series B Funding Round
(2/24/2022) - UNITED STATES
Cascades Launches Expansion Plan in the Isothermal Packaging Market
(2/22/2022) - CANADA
American Seafoods Announces CEO Transition
(2/20/2022) - UNITED STATES
Catch More Customers with your Sustainable Seafood Packaging
(2/16/2022) - UNITED STATES
UPSIDE Foods Acquires Cultivated Seafood Company Cultured Decadence
(2/13/2022) - UNITED STATES
Indigenous Company Highlights Seafood Agriculture Off Vancouver Island
(2/9/2022) - CANADA
Aquaculture Pioneer Atlantic Sapphire Announces the Inclusion of Algal Omega-3 Feed Ingredients
(2/7/2022) - NORWAY
Semtech Announces Integration of LoRaWAN® in ICT International’s Oyster Farming Solution
(2/5/2022) - UNITED STATES

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Limitations in the norwegian snow crab catch
Norway The total Norwegian quota for catching snow crab is 6725 tonnes for 2022. The Ministry of Trade and Industry has asked the directorate to provide a comprehensive assessment of future catches of snow ...
The pole-and-line fleet denounces its helpless situation by not being able to fish in Senegal
Spain The Basque pole-and-line fleet has been moored in Dakar all year bearing expenses, but without income, due to the unilateral veto of Senegal Madrid - The Spanish Fisheries Confederation (CEPESCA) j...
Loophole leaves migrant crews open to systematic abuse
United Kingdom A report by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) claims that migrant fishermen working on UK vessels are vulnerable to systematic labour exploitation as the Government refuses c...
Critical time of shrimp fry production and sales in Qingpu, Shanghai
China Qingpu, Shanghai: Stabilize production, ensure supply, relieve difficulties and inject "core" power into the aquatic seed industry   At present, at the critical time of shrimp fry pro...