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Northline Seafoods Announces Major Project Bringing New Innovations to the U.S. Fishing Industry
(12/2/2022) - UNITED STATES
Austral’s Aussie Karumba Prawns Take Supply Chain Transparency to New Levels
(11/30/2022) - AUSTRALIA
Advancing Fish Processing with the Latest in the FleXicut Family
(11/28/2022) - ICELAND
Bespoke Systems Targeting the Harsh Environments in Seafood Processing
(11/25/2022) - GERMANY
Experts in Taylor-Made Seafood Products
(11/23/2022) - ITALY
High Quality Pouches that Preserve and Protect Fish and Shellfish
(11/21/2022) - UNITED KINGDOM
Lufthansa Cargo’s A321 Freighter Connects Evenes in Norway with the World
(11/18/2022) - NORWAY
Solaris Biotech and Wildtype Announce Agreement for Large-scale Bioreactors for Cultivated Seafood Production
(11/16/2022) - ITALY
Continuing the Solid Trend with Strong Operational and Financial Performance
(11/14/2022) - NORWAY
ALDI Australia Launches Mouth-Watering Christmas Seafood Range
(11/11/2022) - AUSTRALIA
Yet Another Record-Breaking Quarter for Mowi, Overshadowed by Infamous Tax Proposal
(11/9/2022) - NORWAY
King Oscar Celebrates 120 Years as the King of Seafood
(11/7/2022) - UNITED STATES
Steakholder Foods Receives First Registered Trademark in Japan
(11/4/2022) - ISRAEL
Salmon Start-Up LocalCoho Attracts New Strategic Investors; Raises Additional Funding
(11/2/2022) - UNITED STATES
AlgiKnit Rebrands to Keel Labs, Supporting Company Mission as A Platform for Climate-Focused Material Solutions
(10/31/2022) - UNITED STATES
Future Investment Initiative Institute to Invest USD 500.000 in Seafood Souq
NaturalShrimp Incorporated Announces Merger Agreement with Nasdaq-Listed Yotta Acquisition Corp.
(10/26/2022) - UNITED STATES
Secret Island Salmon Introduces Hot Dogs, Bacon, Burgers & More!
(10/24/2022) - UNITED STATES
The NFI Gives Eaters an Ocean of Reasons to 'Go Pescatarian' During Third Annual National Pescatarian Month
(10/20/2022) - UNITED STATES
ILDEX Indonesia 2022 is Ready to Meet Industry Demand with High Technology for Aquaculture and Livestock Businesses
(10/19/2022) - INDONESIA

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5 Latin American countries pledge to protect their fishing industry
Peru Marine resources in the eastern Pacific and southwest Atlantic, as well as the fishing industry in Latin American nations bordering either ocean, continue to be threatened by illegal and excessive...
Japanese saury catch hits record low for fourth year in a row
Japan In 2022, the nationwide catch of Pacific saury was 17,910 tons (down 2.1% from the previous year), the lowest since 1960 when records were kept. 4 years in a row, the lowest ever. In addition to low s...
Squid illex 2023: 'The fleet is fishing well, similar to last year'
Argentina Marcela Ivanovic (INIDEP) summarized the first three weeks of the start of the Argentine squid season, which shows very similar parameters to previous harvests, with 66 jigger boats fishing this week ...
Leinebris commissioned the first vessel to combine longliner, purse seiner and trawl
Norway The Leinebris management team have reached an agreement to build a unique and future-oriented fishing boat, with a sharp focus on sustainability and quality. "The sum of all the new investment...